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There is so much beauty around us and I love to capture it. Often we see things around us and remember an event in our past. Visual impressions can be very strong and I like to create art that stays with the audience.
Photography has been a constant part of me throughout my life. I like to work with people, but I am not limited to just this art form. I try to document life around me, even if it is as a macro picture of a flower that I come across.
I also like to work with models, not necessary professional models, but with everyday people. My goal is to bring out the beauty in each person!
I always look for new models and often help new models to create an interesting portfolio to show what potentials the model can have. I pretty much always have fun working behind my camera and I want my models to feel the same way.

© Mats Gunnarsson Photography / Call 1-408 396 5336 /


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